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About Us

Small and Quiet Computers is a family run business designing and supplying customised desktop computers, compact systems, parts and accessories for personal or business use.

With more than 20 years experience developing and managing the IT infrastructures of national organisations, supplemented by many years of experience in meeting customers needs within both public and private sectors, we have what it takes to deliver the quality products you need whether it is for your home or in your business.

Our passion for IT goes beyond our working lives with an ongoing enthusiasm ‎for all things IT. Keen users of all things Linux including Myth-TV under Ubuntu as well as Windows based equipment.

Located in West Yorkshire, we believe that Small and Quiet Computers is a provider of quality equipment which delivers the functionality you need whilst minimising the impact on your home or work environment.

"Small and Quiet Computers" is the trading name of Arnold5 Ltd registered in England under number 7348809.

VAT Registration number 996 1587 57.